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Feb 24

DCi Awarded patent on their Infrastructure Management and Operations (IMO) process

IMO or Infrastructure Management and Operations is an ITIL term used to describe a broader aspect of outsourcing, especially in small to medium size companies. IMOs are based on the simple principle of scale. Most small to medium sized firms can simply not afford to staff all of the IT infrastructure areas with the specialist they require. For example, imagine a 300 employee firm having to employ desktop support, switching & routing personnel, a security expert, server personnel, a wireless expert, build a Network Operations Center to monitor its network, and provide an employee help desk. Worse yet, how does a small firm keep up with the technological changes that can so impact its business or keep it at a competitive advantage? This is what DCi provides small to medium companies – an IMO. One can think of it as “the local cloud”.

In early 2015, DCi was awarded a patent (U.S. Patent Number 8,966,041) regarding its support of IMO customers. This patent covers the unparalleled precision and speed in delivering IMO services. If you are considering a different perspective in supporting your IT infrastructure, give DCi a call. We definitely know IMOs.